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Hopefully you have had an opportunity to try our concept at the Family Fare Quick Stop in Grand Rapids, Wyoming and Holland MI. or at a Marathon Fast Pax Food Store in Birch Run, Bay City, Saginaw or on Mackinaw Rd. at US-10 near Auburn MI.

Post-Pay® is for gas customers who prefer to pump first- then pay inside. Read the ABC news article.

When a gas station requires you to pre-pay for gas it often leads to two trips inside the store- once to pre-pay then again to claim your change. Or perhaps you wanted to fill your tank but guessed low on the amount and end up leaving with 3/4 of a tank.

With Post-Pay® you simply swipe your drivers license through the Post-Pay® swiper, press the Post-Pay® button, pump your gas then pay inside.

Your license information is not viewed and is deleted upon payment. The station owner does not, and legally cannot, store or use your license information any way whatsoever- unless if you leave the premises without paying. Then the information is handed over to the police for drive-off prosecution.

Your information is also safe from bad guys as the reader communication is encrypted and the device would not work if tampered with.

If you're tired of the pre-pay routine, tell your pre-pay station owner to contact Hohner Enterprises LLC at and install Post-Pay® at their location.

See the ABC 12 News Story
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